Rajkot Smart City : Rajkot City in 100 Smart City Development List of Indian Government

Rajkot Smart City!!!

Rajkot or ‘Rangeelu Rajkot’ city is included in the 100 Smart city development list of Indian Government. Rajkot city is the central city of Saurashtra region. Central Government has planned to develop 100 smart cities in India and there are also names of Gujarat state cities including Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Surat and Bhavnagar.

‘World’s 21st Developing City is Rajkot’

As per Smart City Concept, the Smart City is not only beautiful but having continuous progress with basic structure to provide people all facilities. The Government has set development goals at 10 sectors and as per guidelines, Smart City Rajkot project will be completed in 2020 and its demo is presented recently. Smart City Rajkot project blue print has been presented by RMC.

To make Rajkot a Smart City, the focusing sectors are water, mass transportation, online administration, cleanliness and health. Rajkot city is developing day by day with its own positive factors but Rajkot city is also having negative factors including narrow roads, traffic headache, water shortage and more.

Rajkot Smart City Goals :

Kothariya and Vavdi to be included in Mass Transportation –

RMC will start BRTS Mass Transportation service in Kothariya and Vavdi region which can solve traffic problem at some extent. The city inside areas will be also covered with Mass transportation soon.

Action Plan for Traffic Problem –

Rajkot is developing city and day by day traffic is increasing in the city so RMC has first action to remove marginal area from all 48 ‘Rajmarg’ of the Smart city Rajkot. New 11 traffic signals will be active soon as its project is in final mode with Bangalore and Pune based Companies.

Rs 8000 Grant for Individual Toilet –

To complete the goal of cleanliness and make Rajkot city clean, the Zopadpatti/slum area people will be given Rs 8000 as grant so that they can build their own toilet in their home.

Tipper Van for Garbage Collection –

Till date, 60% of Rajkot city is covered with Tipper van for garbage collection. 6 wards among 23 wards of Rajkot city are not having tipper van and so these 6 wards will soon have door to door garbage collection in tipper van.

Online Property Details –

Rajkot Town Planning department has already make small units and low rise construction plan and completion online. After that, High rise construction plan and completion process will be online soon as its software is in development.

New 50 Aanganvadi & Pradyuman Park Development –

New 50 aanganvadi will be developed in the slum areas of Rajkot city. Newly decided 7 Rajmarg will be developed in GauravPath like Kalawad road. 2 New Fire Stations will be established in the Smart City Rajkot. New 5 Community halls and health centre in Rajkot. The Pradyuman Park beautification will be done.

New Parks/Gardens in Rajkot –

As per Environment standard, the Metro City should have 5% green belt but currently Rajkot city is having only 2% green belt. To improve the green belt percentage, new plantation and beautification at traffic circle will be made with development of new parks/gardens in Rajkot. There will be new 20 to 25 gardens till 2020.

The Rajkot city will have 24 hours water supply with 135 litre water per person. 100% water charge and 100% every water connection will have meter. Apart from these goals, Online birth & death registration, water auditing system to measure the reach of water level in each area, campaign to make everyone educated in Rajkot city, animals will be transferred to 4 animal hostels made in city, 75000+ tree plantation in next 5 years and more.

So let us hope to see Smart City Rajkot in 2020 but only RMC or Government cannot execute the plans. Rajkot city people will have to be sensible and responsible to make the City Smart as it will enhance the lifestyle and we can live in better future.

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