How Old Do I Look? – Microsoft Launches New App and website to Guess Your Age

Tech giant Microsoft recently launched their latest new app and website to guess your age and gender from the photo. Have you ever wondered that anyone can detect or recognise your age form your photo?? So now Microsoft is improving their latest app to make it accurate. Now you can come to know about your age by photo, How Old Do I Look?

Upload a selfie or type your name into the search bar at to do Bing image search, and Microsoft’s “How Old Do I Look?” tool takes a stab at guessing your age and gender. People are sharing their results with the hashtag #HowOldRobot. The Microsoft Company announced the site at its Microsoft Build developer’s conference in San Francisco on Thursday, 30 April 2015. It’s meant to show off the power of Microsoft’s face detection API tools and its Azure computing platform for developers.

Can you believe on the Age of these people in photos
Can you believe on the Age of these people in photos

Part of Microsoft’s Project Oxford, the Face Detection engine can also detect the same person in multiple photos. When Microsoft originally sent an email asking people to test the tool, it didn’t predict that it would go viral. But vanity is a funny thing, and in a few hours, more than 35,000 people had used the site. Microsoft’s will analyze any photo you upload, detect any faces, and guess the person’s gender and age.

The final result is, well, interesting but not necessarily accurate. Microsoft says that it is striving to improve the new face detection API, so hopefully will offer more precise predictions over the next several months. Microsoft is adding in face detection as one of its new Windows Hello security features in Windows 10.

So right now, Microsoft’s How Old Do I Look? App and website is not much accurate so you can take it as a fun app!!!!

Just try some fun with your and friend’s photos to recognize your age using Microsoft’s App.

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