Dharamshala HP Rape Case 2015: Rich Brats Allow to RAPE in The India

We Proud to be Indian and we are showing our rich heritage, rich history to the world. As I Always Write The India in our every News. But look at the current India, where every day we are reading rape cases, eve teasing, sexual harassment cases in Newspaper and in news channel.

This time, we are presenting one more Nirbhaya case which was happen recently in Dharamshala city of Himachal Pradesh state. The 1st year degree girl was raped by 4th year 4 boys cruelly and no one covered it just because it was a High profile case. Some High Profile Rich Brats dose this SHIT.

As I mentioned, “Money Power is bigger than life”

Paisa Bolta Hai Bhai…!!!


The incident involves four senior students of Dharamshala Degree College who brutally raped a girl student of First year and then threw her on road in an almost dead condition. Everyone in Himachal Pradesh is disturbed with the incident. The media who was aggressive during the Nirbhaya rape is not even ready to give this 1st year student rape case news any importance.

A Newspaper named Himachal Dastak which is published in HP has published this news on its website but as it is a high profile case, the Himachal Dastak newspaper had to remove the post from their website, even the College Administration has denied occurrence of any such incident involving their students, same is the case with the Police Department of the city.

As per the unofficial news that it coming through the students of that college, the rape victim girl is in very bad condition, the rapists have even removed her Uterus and in which hospital that girl is admitted is known by none.

Being a Girl is Curse/ Challenging Eve Teasing is curse ??? :

Sources say that the four senior students were troubling the girl from a long time and when the girl got over her patience limit, she went to the Principal with her sister and made a complaint about all the four students. These four students raped her in the evening on the same day.

What if the same rape case happens in Delhi, Mumbai or any big city ???

So called Sympathetic people and media are starting publishing the rape issue and candle march, Inquiry commission is formed and more. The Delhi Gang rape ‘Nirbhaya’ case was highlighted just because the rapists were bus drivers??

In the recent Nirbhaya rape case happen in Dharamshala city of HP, the rapists are Politician’s kid or politician’s relatives. And the accused are still free and it seems as if no action will be taken against them. One of the accused is Congress Minister’s son and second accused is also relative of that Congress Minister, while the third accused is Principal’s son and nothing is known about the fourth accused.


Doesn’t Indian Media having Courage to cover such a brutal rape case????

Don’t you think that Indian Media is sleeping when they actually should wake up?


We don’t want to make anything a national issue but if something wrong happens with someone without his/her fault, then it is Indian media’s duty to bring it out and play active role in punishing the criminals.

So Responsible Indian Citizens, one news is there for you everyone that A Dharamshala city rape victim girl has lost her life. A daughter, a friend, a sister had lost her life and the accused 4 boys are free till now.

It is true that a common Indian citizen should not expect Justice in India as Justice has become the Private property of Influential and Powerful people. Even the Police has refused to write the FIR and doctors denied giving treatment who are So Called ‘God’ on the earth!!!

Share it as much as possible so that it becomes an International Issue and the Government and Law is forced to take action on this case. We pay our heartily tribute to almighty lord to give that victim girl’s soul peace and courage to her family.

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