Rangilu Rajkot Video from Different Times – Why Rajkot City is Called Rangilu Rajkot

Rajkot…..Rangilu Rajkot

Rajkot city of Gujarat state is called ‘RANGILU RAJKOT’ and popular worldwide with this name. Here we have two videos of Rajkot city. The first video is from old time Gujarati song ‘Rajkot Rangilu Shaher Che’ from Gujarati movie Pankhi No Malo whereas second video showcases latest Rajkot city.

Rangilu Rajkot Video Old Time (Year 1981) :

This video of Rajkot is showing you Rajkot city of the year 1981. Rajkot Rangilu Shaher Che song from Gujarati movie ‘Pankhi no Malo’ is displayed here. You can find Rangilu Rajkot city of the year 1981 and the Gujarati video song has covered almost all famous places of Rajkot.

Now have a look at the latest Rangilu Rajkot city video which is taken in the year 2011. You can see the current Rangilu Rajkot city.

Rangilu Rajkot Video Latest (Year 2011) :

After watching Rangilu Rajkot city’s videos from different time, now you can differentiate and imagine how the current famous places of Rajkot were looking in old or how much Rajkot city is changed. Rajkot city is famous for its people, festival celebration and foods.

Rajkot is the main city of Saurashtra region. Rangilu Rajkot is the ninth cleanest city of India. Rajkot is also the 22nd-fastest-growing city in the world. Rajkot city climate is semi-arid with hot, dry summer and wet monsoon season

Rangilu Rajkot
Rangilu Rajkot

Rajkot city is having multi culture as whatever is the reason, whatever festival, Rajkot city people are celebrating it in a huge level with being together. There are so many famous restaurants and street food corners in Rajkot.

Rajkot city is having lots of tourist attraction including the Eldorado Park, Race Course, Fun World, Dolls Museum, Kaba Gandhi no Delo, ISkcon Temple Rajkot, Rashtriya Shala, Ishwariya Temple, Khirsara Palace, Crystal mall and more.

Rajkot city is also famous for education as Rajkot is having lots of schools and higher study colleges. Rajkot is developing day by day. You can feel the pure Gujarati ascent and Gujarati Kathiyawadi hospitality. Gujarati and especially Kathiyawadi people are famous for their hospitality worldwide.

So have you visited Rangilu Rajkot city??????

If not, then visit once and feel the Kathiyawadi hospitality with modern touch and look at the Rangilu Rajkot city and understand why Rajkot is called Rangilu Rajkot by your eyes!!!!

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