Largest Tire Track Image Guinness World Record – Advertising Idea by Hyundai Motors

The Korean Car Manufacturer Hyundai recently made one world record for the Largest Tire Track image in USA. Hyundai Motors were looking for making an artistic advertisement for its new Hyundai Genesis car. A 12 year old girl Stephenie’s father is in Space and she wanted to give her message to her dad and that idea was implemented by Hyundai for their advertisement.

A Message to Space
A Message to Space

Hyundai teamed up with NASA and Stephenie’s family to deliver a message to Stephenie’s astronaut father who is currently in space. The main problem in message delivery was that message should be in the size of a town so that it can be visible from the space. Stephenie is a 12 year old girl from Houston, Texas and she wanted to let her astronaut dad know that everyone at home loved him.

11 Hyundai Genesis Cars Making world Record
11 Hyundai Genesis Cars Making world Record

Largest Tire Track Image Dimensions : 5,556,411.86

According to Guinness World Record, the message “Steph Love’s You!”, the largest tire track image was visible from approx.. 180 miles or 300 Km away.  The largest tire track image with Hyundai Genesis car was made with the help of 11 Hyundai Genesis car model. The largest tire track images was in size of the Central Park in New York City of USA. Central Park in New York is in size of 843 acres.

Largest Tire Track Image Location : Delamar Dry Lake, Nevada, USA

The largest tire track image, made with 11 Hyundai Genesis cars creating lines 30 metres wide was seen by Stephenie’s father from the space and the message was drawn at Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada, USA.

Largest Tire Track Image Guinness World Record by Hyundai Video :

An emotional connection and an impressive new world record of the Largest Tire Track Image, confirmed by Guinness World Records judges on January 18th, 2015. The Hyundai : A message to space video has been viral on the Internet these days.

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