Kissing Facts: Expression of Love is Having Scientific and Interesting Facts

As we know Kiss is Expression of Love, But Kissing is not just an Ordinary Thing. Kissing May have its Scientific and Interesting Facts also. Here is Some Scientific and Interesting facts about Kissing.


– “Longest Kissing Record” Holded by Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat from Thailand of 58hour 35Miniut 58Sesond.


– In 1927 First time on Screen Kissing Seen Between two Men had been Shown in the Silent Movie WINGS.


– Every Person Spends average 2weeks in Kissing in his Entire Life.


– Two third (2/3) People bent his/her head toward right.


– It Is Illegal to Kiss With a Mustache in Nevada.


– First Kissing Age in UK is 15years.


– Science on Kiss is Know as Philematology in Morden Language.


– One minute of Kiss may Burn 2Calory.


– 1Crore Bacteria May Exchange in One Kiss.


– Your Teeth Will Damage due to Kiss, By Kissing Someone there is Some Bacteria will Transfer which is Harmful to you Teeth.

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