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Laravel Vs CodeIgniter : Which is Batter for PHP Framework

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Laravel Vs. CodeIgniter

Laravel :


Laravel Logo

Laravel is a new PHP framework which currently making a lot of waves. It is designed by a guy called Taylor Otwell. The Laravel community is still small, but it is growing very fast. It supports PHP 5.3 meaning all the new goodies in PHP 5.3 can be used in it. It is more object oriented compared to CodeIgniter. So your not an object oriented developer, you might want to familiarise yourself with OOP. Some of the advantages of Laravel is the powerful ORM which is built into Laravel unlike CodeIgniter where you have to use third party Spark, etc. Laravel also has a built in authentication, to achieve authentication in CodeIgniter, you have to use spark.

Why use Laravel :

Laravel is designed for the latest version of PHP, and it has many base development components like unit testing support and authentication built into it. This framework folds well with the blade templating engine to give comprehensive views. There are many reasons why you will want to use this PHP framework, starting with its RESTful APIs which are easy to build.

  • Laravel has templates with simple webpage layout with sections.
  • It has authorization library.
  • It has exceptions with highly detailed stack trace; something which is not present in CodeIgniter.
  • Laravel has bundles with solid structure; it has widgets with assets like CSS and JS.
  • It has Object Oriented Libraries supported with autocomplete feature. It is easier to use libraries and models due to this feature. this is not the case in CodeIgniter.

CodeIgniter :


CodeIgniter Logo

CodeIgniter has been the most preferred and still is currently the most preferred PHP framework for building simple websites rapidly. Reason been, CodeIgniter is relatively easy to use and understand. It has what I will term by far the best documentation for any PHP framework. Plus it also has a very large community base meaning you can be guaranteed that it is stable and been tested by many users.

Why use CodeIgniter :

CodeIgniter is a relatively older framework and supports earlier versions as well. it is a high performance framework with a small footprint. Here are the reasons why you will want to use this PHP development platform.

  • CodeIgniter has a large community who are using it for anything from the smallest projects to the largest ones.
  • It is well documented. In fact, CodeIgniter is the best documented PHP framework available at present.
  • CodeIgniter is highly stable and tested by hundreds of thousands of users. There is no way that you could find something unstable in a new version because the community will have already resolved it.
  • CI is extremely easy to use. You don’t need to be a master in MVC architecture. This makes it a perfect framework for new developers who don’t have advanced knowledge or experience.
  • The new version of CodeIgniter promises higher stability and well organized unit tests.

Refer below Table for both Comparison : 

Laravel CodeIgniter
Category Web application framework Web application framework
Preference 50% votesvotes 50% votesvotes
Website laravel.​com ellislab.​com/​codeigniter
License MIT License MIT License
Scaffolding Yes Yes
Full text search Yes Yes
Development principles Convention over configuration, Test-driven development, Don’t repeat yourself Wiki way
Design pattern Active-Record, Model-View-Controller, Dependency injection, Observer, Singleton, Facade, Event-Driven Model-View-Controller, Active-Record, Hooking, Chain of responsibility, HMVC
Multilingual content Yes Yes
System requirements
Operating system Cross-platform Cross-platform
Programming language PHP PHP
Framework Laravel ?
Database SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Microsoft BI JDBC Compatible, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Oracle, OrientDB, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, CUBRID, Microsoft BI, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
Memory recommended 1 GB ?
Description A Framework For Web Artisans ?
Multi-user system Yes Yes
Autofocus Yes Yes
Pingback No Yes
Extension/Plug-in Yes Yes
Image processing engin No Yes
Interpreter Yes Yes
Trackback Yes Conditional
Database model Object-oriented Relational, NoSQL
Transactions Yes Yes
Unicode Yes Yes
Angle viewing ●●●●○ ●●●●●
WYSIWYG-Editor No No
Multiple projects Yes Yes
External pages Yes Yes
User statistics Yes Yes
Revision control Yes Yes
Atomicity Yes Yes
Isolation Yes Yes
Horizontal scalable Yes Yes
Template language Blade, PHP PHP, Proprietary
Target audience Web Development Government, SMB, Web Development, Beginner, Entreprise, Employees, Customers, Vendors
Difficulty level Master, Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner Beginner
Application startup time 1 ms 0 s
Version number 4.2 2.2.0 / 3.0 DEV
Adobe Flash Support Yes Yes
PSR-0 compliant Yes No
Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) Yes Yes
Machine Code Generation Yes Yes
Documentation level ●●●●○ ●●●●●
E-Mail protocols SMTP, IMAP, POP3 IMAP, POP3, SMTP
Multi tasking Yes Yes
RESTful Yes Yes
Code Generation Yes Yes
Dynamic typing Yes Yes
Composite keys Yes Yes
Programming paradigm Object-oriented, Event-driven Object-oriented, Event-driven
Comments Yes Yes
Multiple categories No Yes
Hierarchical menus Yes Yes
Scripting language support PHP, JavaScript PHP
Free to use Yes Yes
Frontend PHP PHP
Backend PHP PHP
Active Yes Yes
Supported VCS Git, Subversion Git, Subversion, Mercurial
Database Connection Pooling Yes Yes
Separate Service Layer Yes Yes
Web Flows Yes Yes
Creation Date 2011 28ᵗʰ February 2006
Community Driven Excellent Excellent
Wizard Yes Yes
Alexa Rank 6 002 38 081
HTML syntax Yes No
WSDL Yes Yes
Reliability ●●●●● ●●●●●
Versioning Good Good
Data encryption Yes Yes
Custom queries Good Good
Input Widgets Yes Yes
Layout Structure Template Yes Yes
File Assets Yes Yes
API Excellent Good
Compiled language No No
XML Aware Good Good
Client/Server code reuse Model-View-Controller, Template language, Web services Model-View-Controller
Data storage Relational DB, File System Relational DB, XML in Database, MongoDB, Postgres
Native driver PHP PHP
Cloud platform support Google App Engine, Amazon EC2, Fortrabbit, Pagoda Box, digital ocean, Heroku, Linode, OpenShift Heroku, OpenShift, digital ocean, dotCloud, Amazon EC2
Admin Generator No No
Function Based Index Yes ?
Compiler Yes No
Library file size 17 MB 4.1 MB
API comprehensibility ●●●●● ●●●●●
Webmail Yes Yes
Jobs Oportunities ●●●●○ ●●●●●
Implementation flexibility 50% votes 50% votes
Out-of-the-box functionality 50% votes 50% votes
Bundle system Yes Yes
SOA Yes Yes
Annotation Support Yes Yes
LDAP Yes Yes
Query Cache Yes Yes
Realtime Yes Yes
Data Security Yes Yes
Community feedback ●●●●● ●●●●●
Ease of use ●●●●● ●●●●●
Malicious Injection Prevention Yes Yes
Copy, Cut and Paste Support Yes Yes
Free for commercial use Yes Yes
Realtime Server Push Yes Yes
Easy of Use Yes Yes
Bitmap index Yes ?
Uncompressed Size 2 MB ?
Open Source Yes Yes
Content Preview No Yes
Web Developer Toolbar Yes Yes
IntelliSense Yes Yes
XQuery Support Yes Yes
Websocket Support Yes Yes
Maven support No ?
Resource File Processing Yes ?
Events Support Yes ?
Lambda Expressions Yes Yes
Language Integrated Query Yes Yes
Partial Classes Yes ?
Closures Yes Yes
Perfomance ●●●●● ●●●●●
Database migrations Yes Yes
I like it Yes Yes
Asyncronous JS loading Yes Yes
JavaScript Library included No Yes
Debug Mode Yes Yes
Static Typing Yes Yes
Cloud-enabled Yes Yes
Click & Edit in Place / WYSIWYG No Yes
Archive Yes Yes
API Reports Yes Yes
API Test Control Yes Yes
Autocomplete Code Yes Yes
Dependency Injection Yes Yes
Personalization Yes Yes
Supported from Google Yes Yes
Easy to Learn Yes Yes
Extensibility Yes Yes
Unit Testing Yes Yes
Ajax Yes Yes
User management Yes Yes
ORM Join Support Yes Yes
Object-Oriented Views Yes Yes
View reloading Yes No
Object Oriented Models Yes Yes
Model Conditions Yes Yes
Mobile ready Yes Yes
Administrator responsive? Yes ?
module Yes Yes
PDF Support Yes Yes
ACL Yes Yes
Markdown Yes ?
Requests per second 100 ?
Operating system server Cross-platform Cross-platform
Package Manager Yes Yes
Makes developer create a slew of inefficient Javascript No No
Easy Setup Yes Yes
Jquery Yes Yes
jQuery Support Yes Yes
Modules/Extensions/Plugins 8 000 35
ACL Yes Yes
Stored Procedure Yes ?
Vertically Scalable Yes ?
Full-Stack Yes No
User-friendly Yes ?
Component Oriented Yes ?
Internationalization Yes Yes
Heroku Support Yes ?
Framework specific vocabulary Yes Yes
Easy to Config Yes Yes
Self Server Yes ?
Will get you a job Yes Yes
Is reliable and secure Yes Yes
Scalability Yes Yes
Ability to link to external programs and systems Yes Yes
Supported by Microsoft No Yes
XSS Yes Yes
Official IDE Support Yes Yes
Amount of letters 7 2
Use components elsewhere? Yes Yes
Hot deployment No Yes
Can function without AJAX Yes Yes
Dynamic Language Yes Yes
Namespaces Yes Yes
Sexy Yes Yes
Inbuilt Captcha No Yes
wtf mode Yes ?
CKDI – All the Cool Kids Do It Yes ?
Will make super models fall in love with you Yes ?
MVC Yes Yes
Developed for Human Yes Yes
Arrogant Creator No Yes
Fucking awesome Yes Yes
LIVE Yes Yes
ORM that doesn’t hurt Yes Yes
Actual chances of getting laid regardless Yes ?
Edible No ?
Is VsChart totally worthless? Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Anus Girth 5 ?
Smells like chips No ?
Increase Stress Levels No Yes
combate el ebola No ?
SQL Injection Support Yes Yes
AHEM 0.05 ms 0 s
<a href=””>test</a> Yes Yes
State of the art technology Yes Yes
Developer 126 486 123 456 790
C++ power Yes ?
Farts? Yes ?
Makes your hair fall No No
Is Kheme awesome? Yes ?
Aku Ganteng ? No ?
gonna turn my brown eyes blue? Yes ?
is michael gek Yes ?
Used by boners No ?
Chocolate Starfish 1 ?
Big cock No ?
Made Crazy Developer Yes ?
Make me Ganteng banget Yes ?
Sand Nigger No ?
Standard compliance ? Yes
Popularity (0% global votes) (33% global votes)
2 Letter Country Code ? 22
Batch Processing ? Yes
Openshift Paas Support ? Yes
Geospatial elements ? Yes
FAL support ? No
actors ? February 2014
UI framewrok ? 85
Makes you angry ? Yes
HLP ? 1
JavaScript Event Binding ? Yes
Generic Views ? Yes
Model flexible type support ? Yes
Suggested developer experience ? 1
Android App ? Yes
unnecessary features ? Yes
24/7 support ? No
Do the coffee ? Yes
piece of crap ? Yes


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