GOING HOME Short Film Features Alia Bhatt for VogueEmpower – Must Watch Video

GOING HOME short film is really such a nice initiative for women safety in India. Featuring Bollywood’s beautiful and cute Alia Bhatt in Going Home Short film, it is a must watch video for everyone. The short movie says it all.

Going Home short film is based on women’s safety and as per current situation of women in India, the short film shows some Utopia world for young Indian women. Going Home short film is directed by ‘Queen’ fame director Vikas Bahl which features Alia Bhatt. The must watch video with #VogueEmpower is published on 17 October 2014.

Going Home Short Film Details :

Director : Vikas Bahl

Actor : Alia Bhatt

Published Date : 17 October 2014

GOING HOME Short Film feat. Alia Bhatt :

Going Home Short Film Story/Subject :

In the short film, Alia Bhatt is shown driving home by herself late at night on a secluded road. After assuring her worried mother that she’ll be home soon, the girl comes across some car trouble and is stranded with no help in sight, except for a car full of men who can’t help but stare at her.

The car approaches cautiously, however, Alia Bhatt without any inhibitions jumps out of the car and explains her situation. The men get out and examine the vehicle. In a strange turn of events, though they are obviously enamored by the beautiful young girl in the tight leather skirt, the men are absolutely chivalrous and drop Alia safely to her gate.

Can we create or give the GOING HOME short film like safe world to Indian women where she can enjoy her life the way she want, the clothes she wants to wear and can reach home safely at midnight?????

Please, treat Women as a Human being like you.

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