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Features of www.maffat.com

Search Engine

Free Online Business Directory with SEO Facility.Start Now

Free Link Sharing with SEO Facility.Start Now

Free Classified with SEO Facility.Start Now

Document Submission with SEO Facility.Start Now

Users Blog with SEO Facility to Promote your ideas or Event or Something. (my.maffat.com) Start Now

Hot and Tranding News. (news.maffat.com)

We Frequently Organize College Campus Job Placement Drive and Blood Donation Camps.



Why maffatcom?

maffatcom Covers very wide segment of Online and Off-line market.

75,000+ Daily Site Views

10,000+ Pages

Very Rapidly Improving Alexa Ranking

Frequently Organize College Campus Drive

Frequently Organize Blood Donation Capms


How to Earn Money from www.maffat.com

As I told you maffatcom is Activated in many Segments, You can Join this Company by Several Ways…


  1. By Posting the Business in Business Directory (www.maffat.com) 

maffatcom Business Directory is Giving Very Professional way to Post your Business with Free SEO Facility.

Anyone can Login and Post his Own Business for FREE. Start Now

How to Earn Money From it: You are Supposed to Post Several Business Entries With Sufficient Content and Company Will Pay you INR 10 / Entry.


  1. User’s Blog Facility(my.maffat.com)

maffatcom User’s Blog Facility is Very Useful Feature for Free Lancers or for Event promoters also.

With Free SEO keywords you may post your blog of Informational News or Entertainment or Story/Novel/Poem Etc. or Promoting Your Event or Concept.Start Now

How to Earn Money from it: You are Supposed to Post any Informative Post in my.maffat.com and Company will Pay you for Every Visit on your Post.


  1. Document Submission (Brochure)

maffatcom Document Submission Facility is Useful Feature for Share your Company Brochure with SEO Keywords or to Post Your Story Something.Start Now

How to Earn Money from it: You may Post any Informative or Cool Document and Company Will Pay to for Every Downloads.


  1. Hot News (news.maffat.com)

maffatcom is Post Informative News on news.maffat.com and Post it on Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/maffatcom

How to Earn Money from it: Yor are supposed to Share that news in Several Facebook Groups.Start Now

Company will Pay you for Every Share. INR 2.5 / Share in FB Group.


  1. Get Sponsors for Company:

Get Sponsors for the Company.

To be Sponsors of maffatcom campany is costing INR 5,000 / Month.

What Company can do for SPONSORS?

Sponsored Ad in All 8-Segments. 

Business Posting by Professional Way.

News Writing on Your Business or Concept.

Facebook Sharing (We will Share our Business Post in facebook’s approx. 500+ GROUPS) Which may Reach to approx. 50,00,000+ facebook Viewers.

Get Space in the Banner of


(Two Unique Job Placement and Blood Donation Camp)

SEO for Web Site or Goodwill Creation for Company or Improving Sales.

Get Space in Most Trending 5 Posts of news.maffat.com



How to earn Money From it: If you Get Sponsors for the company, Company will Pay you 20% of Sponsored Payment.


For more Inquiry mail us On:  info@maffat.com


Sponsored / Investor : bhavdip@maffat.com


Event Promotion: boni@maffat.com

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Team Maffat

News Maffat Com is a Free Guest Blogging Website. Must Try once.

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