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Dang Darbar Fair 2015 Date-Dang Darbar Festival Celebration in Ahwa Dang Gujarat

Dang Darbar Fair 2015
Written by Team Maffat

Dang Darbar Fair is one of the major tribal festival in Dang Gujarat. Ahwa city of Dang district celebrates Dang Darbar festival every year. Dang Darbar Fair is held in the month of March every year before the festival of Holi.

Dang darbar fair in Gujarat

Dang darbar fair in Gujarat

Dang Darbar 2015 fair will be held in Ahwa of Dang district 5th March 2015. The main Dang Darbar is such only annual event where cultural heritage is preserved. Kings of village Gadhvi, Daher, Linga, Vasurna and Pimpri along with 9 Naiks and 476 Bhavbands are awarded Political Pension till date. This is a time for great festivity for 3 days at Ahwa, the district headquarter of Dangs.

Dang Darbar Fair 2015 Festival Celerbation Date : 5th March 2015

Showcasing culture and tradition is the Rally of 5 Kings with Naiks, the Bhavai and the Dangi Dance – spectacular to watch as the people move in concentric circles to the beat of percussion and wind instruments. Many of these musical instruments are typical of South Gujarat. Darbar is one place that displays music, dance and art of Dangs as well as other corners of the country!

Dang Darbar Fair takes place before the colorful festival of Holi and focuses on the interesting lifestyle of the tribal people of the Dang area. The fair is held every year in the Ahwa district of Gujarat.

Dang Darbar is the perfect place to witness the lifestyle and cultural life of the native tribal people. The fair is started by the tribal chief who blesses the fair. Kahalia and Tadpur the ancient tribal instruments are played during the Dang Darbar fair.

Dang district of the state Gujarat is located in the southern area and surrounded Saputara hills. A famous hill station Saputara is situated in Dang district. The Adivasi tribes Gujarat celebrates their cultural heritage mela every year. Dang Darbar mela is a beautiful event which ne should visit once. The foreign tourists are attracted more with Mela (Fair) of Gujarat.

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