Another slap to Humanity: The 20Rs. Rape Case

Another slap to Humanity The 20Rs. Rape Case
Another slap to Humanity The 20Rs. Rape Case

A man named Mr. Yasin Mahmmad Vaghela Offered a Greed to 12years Old Girl and attempted Rape on that 12 years Old Innocent Girl in Vadodara Gujarat.

This guy… I can’t even write the word “Guy” for this man. This two times divorcee Monster Yasin Mahmmad Vaghela is an Old Vehicle trader and lives in Hazrat apartment, Ajabdi mill, Vadodara.

This Rapist was alone at home before 7days, at that time his lust overcomes him and he Greed of 20Rs. To the 12years old innocent Girl to come his house and attempted a Rape on her. After doing Rape Rapist gives the threat to this 12years old girl that not to tell anyone.

That girl was so scared that she did not tell even  to anyone at her house. After so much of insistence of family members that girl narrated the whole story. After knowing this, girl’s father registered the complaint agents that monster. And he is in the cell right now.

In what kind of Civilization we live?

We, the Human are So called “most Civilized animal” on this planet, and we cannot even save our Sisters or Wife or Daughter from this kind of Lust.

With Stone hearten I want to give my Point of view on this Matter that This kind of Rape Cases and Abusing Cases there is not fault of Rapist, but it is Clearly Fault of Women, who Tolerate this kind of Abusion.

We need to clarify one thing that we have just published this kind of news article to create more awareness about the women safety in our area, city, state and country.

DO some resulting act to stop these kinds of cases otherwise tomorrow may be the victim of rape case, human trafficking or any sexual harassment from our family.

To complain any kind of Abusing call on Women Safety:  181 (Abhayam Helpline)

Learn Self Defense to protect yourself if you are alone.

Girls… Please Do not Tolerate, Take Action.

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