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Yippee!!! We Reached Our First Milestone of 50000 Visitors/Users in Just 59 Days

We Reached Our First Milestone of 50000 VisitorsUsers in Just 59 Days
Written by Team Maffat

Yippee!!! We reached our first milestone of 50000 visitors/users in JUST 59 days. News Are Here website or web portal is started just before 60 days. We have started our work with vision to provide our users/visitors always quality work.

We have put our best efforts to always give a quality news/blogs to our readers. In the starting days, we have very few visitors/users and our many quality blogs are not accepted by our users. In some times, we got the idea about our blog readers’ interest.

We are serving our best efforts with deep analysis and searching and we have to work for every segment of news. is having many trending, latest, hot news which are appreciated by our many users/visitors. In 40 days of our journey with online business world, our many news links are having more than 1000 visitors.

maffat com

maffat com

Maffat com is a parent site of website. Maffat Com is working in many segments including trending links, online business directory, classifieds, online employee directory and more.

The user can submit his any event/exhibition/advertisement brochure with us.

If you have any links, you can also submit it to our site.

Online business directory is having free registration for your business.

news maffat com

news maffat com

This news website link is trending in google’s first five to seven pages for latest, hot, trending news.

my maffat com

my maffat com is also a child site of Maffat Com. is a website for user written blogs. Here users can submit their blogs with social account login.


We promise you to always give a quality work in the future also.

Stay tuned with us….

Again, Thank You everyone

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