RIO Carnival 2015 in Brazil Details-Biggest Holiday in Brazil

Samba School parade in Rio carnival 2015
Samba School parade in Rio carnival 2015

RIO Carnival in Brazil is held in every February more than two million people take to Rio’s streets to be part of the Rio Carnival – the biggest such event in the world. The first Rio carnival was held in 1723. Originally it was a Roman Catholic celebration, of merry-making and eating red meat, before the somber 40 days of lent began, in the run-up to Easter Week.

Rio carnival is not limited to parades only but it is also parties, shows, beauty contests and more. The photos of Rio carnival 2015 make you more excited to visit this carnival.

RIO Carnival 2015 Date : 13 to 17 February 2015

Rio Carnival in Brazil
Rio Carnival in Brazil

Now the Carnival celebration in Brazil is a major tourist attraction. The Carnival’s parades are formed of ‘samba schools’, whose members are drawn from groups of Rio’s neighbourhood who want to take part in the parade. But the Carnival isn’t just the parade: parties, shows, beauty contests and celebrations are held across Rio for the full week of the Carnival.

Sambodromo is a special event during Rio Carnival which is having 4 different parades including

Rio carnival 2015 in Brazil
Rio carnival 2015 in Brazil
Rio carnival is the biggest holiday in brazil
Rio carnival is the biggest holiday in brazil

Samba Schools in the First League (the Special Group)


This is “THE” Parade, the highlight of Rio Carnival. The must-see show which has made Rio de Janeiro the Carnival capital of the world. The whole big world of Carnival revolves around those two nights.

Champions’ Parade

The 6 best samba schools of the First League (the Special Group) parade in all their splendor once more, with fireworks.

Preliminary Parades of the Second League Schools

There are 15 samba schools in this group, following the best 12 schools in the First League (the Special Group). The winner of this parades ascends to the First League (the Special Group) next year.

Children`s Samba Schools

These are branches of the big samba schools, formed by children of each community. Their parade follows the pattern of the big schools. Entrance to this parade is free (except the Front Boxes and Luxury Suites).

Apart from organized street dances, people also simply gather outside little corner bars, booze away and have fun in the street. The place which attracts the biggest crowd is outside the Sambodromo, on Samba Parade days. Along the beaches, every afternoon has some street band lighting your spirit to start your night.

Rio Carnival celebration ticket prices can vary from US$55 to US$3000, depending on the ticket type, sector and season. The cheapest sectors are 12 and 13. Tickets can be bought in advance through international brokers, or through local travel agents in Rio de Janeiro.

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