Emotional Fitness Gym Workshop in Pune by Anil Dagia on 1 March 2015

Emotional Fitness Gym workshop 2015 will be held in Pune by Anil Dagia. Anil Dagia is the one and only NLP trainer in India. NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic programming.

Emotional Fitness Gym workshop 2015 :

Date : 1 March 2015

Venue : TBD Pune, Maharashtra, India

Time : 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Emotional fitness gym workshop 2015 will be organized on 1 March 2015 at TBD, Pune, Maharashtra. The timing for workshop will be 10 am to 6 pm. Anil Dagia’s Emotional Fitness Gym is a one-day workshop that would help you get strong emotionally so that you are in the right frame of mind to take up the challenges that come your way.

What is Emotional Fitness Gym? :

Emotions can be considered just like muscles in the body. The muscles which you exercise more will develop more strength, and more resolution. The ones you don’t exercise, could shrink if not under-develop.

Anil Dagia is probably the one and only NLP trainer in the country, who can train people in putting to practise the lessons of NLP every day l in India who teaches you how to apply NLP in your daily everyday life.

“Unconventional”, “No Box Thinker”, “Trainer Who Does Not Use PowerPoint” are some of the nicknames adorned on him by the participants who have attended his previous sessions.

What would you learn at the One-Day Workshop?

Emotional Fitness Gym Workshop would serve on a platter to you the most essential skills for effective life and they would get

1) To learn how to develop immunity against Emotional Viruses

2) To PHENOMENALLY IMPROVE your responses to challenging circumstances

3) To FOCUS on Your GOALS

4) To develop and retain PEAK ENERGY levels for Your BEST PERFORMANCE

5) To bring about long lasting Personal Transformation leading to happier and more fulfilling personal as well as professional life

6) To help alleviate biological symptoms (like BP, diabetes, asthma)

7) To get a Preview into some of the MOST POWERFUL tools of subconscious mind power

8) To experience exercises, activities and content NOT available in any other training

Emotional Fitness Gym workshop 2015 Passes : Rs 6500

During the workshop, there will be first introduction, then neutrally inspired exercises targeting your brains area, cognitive reappraisal to identify and modulate your beliefs, mind training, anatomy of anger and then guided visualization to generate a new self-image.

Benefits of attending Emotional Fitness Gym workshop 2015 :

Better team & organizational results – job performance, decision making, creativity, employee turnover, teamwork, negotiations, leadership

– Improved productivity & efficiency.

– Improved Collaboration & Reduced Conflict.

– Develop an emotionally healthier work environment.

– Reduced stress levels & better work life balance.

– Energized & fitter mind and body.

– Improved relations with self and others.

– Feel good about yourself & others.

– Balanced emotional state of mind.

– General sense of happiness & well-being leading to better health.

– Negative emotions like anger, frustration, irritation reduced or even eliminated.

The participants and organizations would benefit immensely by attending the one-day Emotional Fitness Gym Workshop. So, think no further and register now.

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