Valentine Day 2015 Celebration Party-Ahmedabad Vadodara Rajkot

Valentine Day 2015 Celebration Party-Ahmedabad Vadodara Rajkot
Valentine Day 2015 Celebration Party-Ahmedabad Vadodara Rajkot

Valentine Day celebration takes place every year on February 14. Valentine Day is falling on Saturday, 14 February in 2015. Special parties are arranged in big cities of India and across the world to complete the touch and feel of love with modern era.

When is Valentine Day? : February 14

It is a day of romance to express your love, emotions and to adore the spirit of love. This day also admires the martyrdom of St. Valentine, who is supposed to be the originator of the festival marked with religious influence.

Valentine day brings a lot happiness and courage in the each and every relationship. It is the great celebration which strengthens and renovates the bond between each and every relationships. Variety of attractive, lovely, sexy and gorgeous greetings cards, gifts pack, messages, chocolates, teddy bears, couple jewellery and etc. are given by the loved one’s to his/her loved one’s.

Valentine Week for 2015 :

Rose Day : 7th February, Saturday

Propose Day : 8th February, Sunday

Chocolate Day : 9th February, Monday

Teddy Day : 10th February, Tuesday

Promise Day : 11th February, Wednesday

Kiss Day : 12th February, Thursday

Hug Day : 13th February, Friday

Valentine’s Day : 14th February,  Saturday

Valentine week starts from 7th February and here we have given complete Valentine week with schedule so that you can plan your valentine celebration for 2015. The valentine week starts from Rose day, Propose day, Chocolate day, Teddy day, Promise day, Kiss day, Hug day and finally it’s Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day 2015 Week List
Valentines Day 2015 Week List

Valentine Day Celebration in India :

Valentine day celebration is incomplete without party. Valentine day celebration in India is started after 1992 but before that there were no craze for Valentine day celebration party. Now, every year so many valentine day parties are organized in India’s big cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jaipur and more.

Valentine day is a fun filled celebration full of cultural and traditional activities and mixed of western culture. At this day, all couples already book their hotels or restaurants to go for big celebration. They also go to the malls for shopping, multiplexes, cinema halls to enjoy movies, nearby famous places, long drive, tour and so many. Young couples propose at this day to each other by offering gifts, red roses, jewellery and cards. Other single young search for their partner at this day to propose and be a nice couple forever.

Valentine’s Day brings an opportunity to everyone to enhance the status of love as well as to strengthen their bond of love. It is considered that a little distance in any relationship strengthens the bond of love however it is a great job to make your love deep and deep even after being together.

So Happy Valentine’s Day for 2015 in advance….

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