Samanvay Rural Half Marathon 2015-Run for a Social Cause in Budaun UP

Samanvay Rural Half Marathon will be organized for a social cause in Budaun in Uttar Pradesh India. iCFDR organizes the Samanvay Rural Half Marathon on the 3rd Sunday of the month February. iCFDR is Indian Centre for Development and Rights.

Samanvay Rural Half Marathon – Run for a Good Cause, is goodwill initiative by iCFDR to promote rural sportsmanship and provide motivation to rural youth to choose sports to get out of misery and build their career in it, moreover the location of marathon is interiors of Budaun district, now infamous for regular inhuman violence’s including sexual crimes and robberies.

Run foa a social cause
Run foa a social cause

Samanvay Rural Half Marathon 2015 :

Date : 22 February 2015

Venue : Gangola, Budaun ,Uttar Pradesh, India

Time : 8:00 am to 12:00 am

Samanvay Rural Half Marathon Route :

  • Starts at Gangola,
  • Champions with Disability event ends before Baba Brahmdev,
  • Seniors and Juniors Event ends before Village Gillore via Daharpur Kalan,
  • Budaun Goodwill Run ends after Sainjani.
  • Marathon proceeds via village Baxena, Hasimpur, Andaru touching Para towards finish line at starting point.

Samanvay rural half marathon 2015 will be organized on 22nd February 2015 at Gangola village of Budaun in Uttar Pradesh, India. The marathon will start in the morning at 8 am. The Samanvay rural half marathon 2015 is having various categories and fees. Samanvay rural half marathon will be of 21.097 Km long.

Samanvay Rural Half Marathon Fees :

Samanvay Rural Half Marathon (21.097 km) – Rs. 500

Budaun Goodwill Run (10 km) -Rs. 400

Junior Run Event (6 km) – Rs. 350

Senior Run Event (6 km) – Rs. 300

Champions with Disability event (2.4 km) Rs. 200

Corporate Relay Run (21 km) – Rs. 1200

iCFDR is a non-profit operational and campaign humanitarian organization focusing on long term projects and awareness. Samanvay Rural Half Marathon – Run for a Social Cause declares earning if any from the first rural marathon, would be used for social work especially rural education and welfare.

So go and join iCFDR’s goodwill initiative in terms of Samanvay rural half marathon 2015 in Budaun.

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