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live healthy
live healthy

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy…

Everyone wants to be healthy and happy. We are presenting a tips on “to stay healthy and happy” so that the World-one family becomes more healthy and happy. This is the right place to enrich yourself with smiles, caring for yourself, staying in shape, possessing a healthy mind and sound body.

 Tips/Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy Always :

  1. Our Happiness is also our family and loved ones’ happiness so you should be happy and keep your loved ones happy.
  2. Have a good sleep of at least 7 hours.   “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”
  1. Eat Healthy food, more fruits and vegetables with homemade food
  2. When you wake up, just sit in your bed for 5 mins, without doing anything.
  3. When you wake up, for 15 mins just relax and do nothing.
  4. In morning, listen to sweet or your choices’ music that makes you refresh.
  5. Pass your half an hour without any planning on each day so that you can get fresh ideas and relaxation.
  6. Don’t always be multi-tasking, try to do one task at one time with perfection. This gives you satisfaction.
  7. Don’t stay always connected to Internet.
  8. Pass some time with Mother Nature and feel your life and natural happiness.
  9. Do the stuff that gives you happiness.
  10. Drink plenty of water.
  11. Ignore rumours, negative thoughts.
  12. Help out your family, society and country directly or indirectly.
  13. Be confident
  14. Share your matters or stress with your trust able or loved person that can reveal your stress.
  15. Reduce the learning i.e., learn the things which matters to you.
  16. Have some time for your family, friends or loved ones as they will be happy if you are or vice versa.
  17. Go for walk or meditation.
  18. Believe in yourself and don’t be much superficial.
  19. Being Happy by heart makes you look beautiful also.

People are having so much stress and tension of job, family, money, health and other. Just try to follow this steps and then enjoy your life. There are some campaigns are also running to tell the people to re-live their life including ‘Reduce the learning’ and ‘Slowdown Now’.

It would be great pleasure if we can make you healthy and happy.

Just be Happy…


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