Tum mujhe KHOON do, main tumhe JOB doonga – Unique Blood Donation & Placement CAMPAIGN



Under this unique Tum mujhe KHOON do, main tumhe JOB doonga campaign these unique companies MAFFAT.COM and NEEDPAPER take initiative to create general awareness about the role of youngsters to the society.

If you are looking for the job you just need to visit this unique campaign of blood donation and company will work for your placement. The best part of this company is that, for your placement you does not need to give any kind of placement fees, in spite of this you are supposed to donate blood for the needy. So, basically it is free placement drive.

www.maffat.com and NEEDPAPER’s unique concept of “Tum mujhe KHOON do, main tumhe JOB doonga” Campaign is now a days youngster’s hot favorite topic.

For more information do visit the given website of the blood donation campaign organizers. You can call or email for any of your queries regarding this Unique Blood Donation & Placement campaign.

Web: www.maffat.com

Email: i.need.directory@gmail.com

Contact: 7779052957

So, youngsters visit our unique campaign and pay your duty to make our society healthy.

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