How to Impress a Girl-Tips


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Hey Guys, Do you have a crush and you want to Impress her?

Here are some tips to impress a girl..

  1. Be original
  2. Be in control
  3. Be chivalrous
  4. Intelligence and Smartness
  5. Be cool
  6. Be mysterious
  7. Impress her family and Parents
  8. Have a lifestyles
  9. Use your Sense to create humour
  10. Groom yourself, Mold a Style, a unique style
  11. Be Unpredictable
  12. Make her earn it
  13. Make a move
  14. Be informal
  15. Have a beer and call her on phone with little high and talk
  16. Look at her 3rd eye when you speak face to face
  17. Befriend with her best friend
  18. Comment and analyze positively about her aesthetics and wardrobe
  19. Borrow small amount of money
  20. Neat and impressive social media life
  21. Make and present your first love story
  22. Be proactive in ailment time
  23. Good Mustach Beared and own a Bike
  24. Love from heart
  25. Go the extra Mile
  26. If you have a Facebook account,Than….
    1. Add a girl you think is CUTE
    2. Get familiar to HER profile
    3. Comment on NEW photos, videos and status updates
    4. Send the first MESSAGE.
    5. Connect with her
    6. Set up A MEET

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